Nowadays there is a colossal interest in renewable energy especially solar. The growing climate imbalances, depletion of fossil fuels, increase in harmful emissions and numerous other factors have propelled many to think about solar energy.

The lowering costs of solar energy concomitant with the rising costs of traditional forms of energy will bring the parity between the two very soon.

There are many ways to make an entry into this strategic sector. Some of the entry manners can be :-

  • Manufacturing of Silcon Solar Wafers
  • Manufacturing of Silicon Solar Cells
  • Manufacturing of Silicon Solar Modules
  • Manufacturing of thin film modules viz. a-Si, CIGS, CdTe etc.
  • Manufacturing of BOS  viz. Mounting systems, Inverters etc.
  • Manufacturing of Solar thermal equipments viz. FPC SWH, ETC SWH etc.
  • Setting up of mini SPV sysytems
  • Setting up of PV Solar Power Plants
  • Setting up of CSP thermal Solar Power Plants


If we go on enumerating, the list is endless. We help the promoters in taking a conscious and lucrative decision with regards to their entry strategy. Our expert team takes into account the various factors viz. the amount of capital to be invested, location preference, long term plans, financial expectations, government incentives etc. etc. while working on the feasibilty project.

Our vast knowledge helps you in deciding a gainful course of action, towards building a thriving business. Contact us and note the difference yourself.

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