System Intergration - On Grid

We develop and commission on-grid MW scale solar power projects on turnkey basis. We offer complete services from scratch to finish, which entails the following activities:-

  1. Feasibilty study
  2. Site Identification
  3. Project Planning
  4. Technology Selection
  5. Processing of necessary approvals
  6. System Designing
  7. Erection & Commissioning
  8. Testing & Grid Connection
  9. Operation & Maintenance
  10. Monitoring

In economics we have learnt that the most appropriate technology may not necessarily be the latest technology but the most suitable technology. Solar enery is the most promising field, however the wide number of various technolgies available (with each claiming to be the best) makes it also one of the most intriguing of all.

The Technical developments / improvements in Solar are taking place at a breath taking pace. The modules which were considered the best about two years back have competition from latest modules boasting of much higher efficiences.

Efficiency, Usability, Reliability, Comaptibilty with BOS (Balance of systems) etc, there are numerous factors which determine the choice of technology. This is wherein our expertise comes into use in taking a beneficial decision in this regard.

Apart from technical parameters, a beneficial & workable financial model forms the quintessential part of any project. These factors have a considerable influence on the project so that the developer can get attractive returns on his investments.

Solar energy is renewable , free of emissions and is not affected by inflaton. Our aim is to design such a Solar Power Plant, that the developer gets rewarded in the best possible manner for making such a wonderful contribution towards making our Earth a greener and better place to live in.

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